Art in Oliver!

The RipOff’s had a successful opening night at the Gallery.

RipOff Artist Norberto and Val, my Opera mentor, are they chatting about Norberto’s painting? Lots to think about with his work Turtle Island 15000.

Must admit this is a growing process for me. There is a painting I am having trouble with. Painted well, but I am uncomfortable with the message. I invite the public down to discuss it with me. I had a long talk with the Artist, after I felt growth in my life and even better about my thoughts on life.

Oliver’s Dressmaker Dianne Gibson and Mr. Mayor Hovanes

Here is trouble, Wild Woman Marion Trimble and our first lady, Tara Hovanes, both RipOff Artists extrodinare!

Wild Woman, RipOff Artists Terry Irvine, with her wonderful husband Tom.

A great time was had by all. However it is really about the Art and how you feel about it. I do like to be challenged. And I do want to talk about that painting.

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