Pat Hampson

What are you thinking, you have been here before?
These are exciting times, things are starting to move forward, things we hoped would happen during my terms on Council and as mayor. I want to get involved.

How do you represent people with an opposite opinion when in council.
Difficult Question. When you make a decision you look at the overall picture. You have to decide what is best for the majority. A Referendum may become necessary. Referendums are costly, only Town taxpayers are entitled to vote and they must produce evidence of their status. It is so easy to take a vocal minority as being representative of the majority. Therefore it is important that every taxpayer be involved in the future of Oliver.

Name a ruler you admire.
Elizabeth II. She has presence, she represents my country of birth. She has the poise and strength to represent Britain. When you consider her age she is a powerhouse!

Define leadership.
Winston Churchill. He led the Commonwealth through World War two.

What do you want to say to the people who just see grey hair.
You can’t judge a persons ability or drive by the colour of their hair.

Why should we trust you?
I have integrity and it is proven. As Mayor I made an ethical decision which caused me emotional stress but was a benefit for our Community. My word is my bond.

What would you pack to take to Mars?

The basic ‘fundamentals’ to survive; then my wife, my daughter, my son-in-law and my daughter’s dog! Plus Doggie Bags! This is the most difficult question you have asked me!

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2 Responses to Pat Hampson

  1. Linda Buhler says:

    Certinly you would have my vote


  2. Patrick Hampson says:

    Thank you.


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