Good Morning Oliver!

A very happy Sunday to you!

The Wild Woman, Spirit Animal 2017 has wrapped up.

We had so much fun and so much great art came out of it.

I thank the ladies for letting me visually create their spirit animals, Aimee Grice, the Peacock, Tiffiany Lynn the Owl, Sue James, the Butterfly, Hilary Drummond, the Lynx, Jennifer Jules, the Wild Woman, Linda Harris the Energizer Bunny, Maureen Sparrow, the Bear, Suzi Guerin, the Turtle, Diane Gane, the Owl, Shelley Stewart, the Monkey, Polly Mckay, the Raven, and Cindy Thorpe, the Butterfly.

Dianne Gibson, for her creativity on some of the costumes! Specially Cindy Thorpe’s butterfly. I had envisioned a golden butterfly with her golden wings flying high, we got to Dianne’s Dressmaker studio and she had a white dress and flowered fabric for the wings. I loved it!

Diane Gane had her costume all pick out . . and then she let me glue all those feathers on her. Must admit I think she needs a pedicure!

The turtle, Suzi Guerin, kept me awake! A TURTLE, how do I make this real. Must admit I do love the results and Dianne did a great job of the costume with fake ostrich leather!

More stories to come. However I have to go and strike the Gallery. Thanks Mo for the Gallery space.

And Just one more! Cousins being Wild! I let them dress me!



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1 Response to Good Morning Oliver!

  1. Diane Gane says:

    Maybe I can get a pedi at Beyond Bliss…..


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