Wild Women are Wild this Year!!

The Spirit Animal Wild Woman Workshop is coming along very well. I am busy busy busy with it all, loving every min but could do with a few extra hours every day! And Sleep is highly over rated!!

Shelley, the Monkey, and she is a little monkey!! Took the longest in makeup! But the final photo! Oh ya!

The beautiful Jennifer, found her spirit in the desert. And yes I had to be very careful where I stepped, because we could see a few – TWO – Snake tracks where we were shooting. It was a beautiful shoot.

Our trickster, Polly, was an amazing Raven. So much fun to photo and even more fun to go out to lunch with in full make up.

It is very interesting how people react to the make up.

Two more Wild Women, then the moment of truth on Friday morning!

I can’t wait!

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