Sand, Colour and Peace

Peace and reflections on life.

The Penticton Art Gallery is hosting The Mystical Art of Tibet, September 13 – 17.

There is a peaceful excitement in the gallery as the Monks build the beautiful Mandala of Akshobhya. This Mandala has a healing element, very suitable for the surrounding exhibit that explores Canada’s relationship and history with the First Nations Community.

The children’s art show is a must see! There is a piece by the young and talented Miss Phoenix, Granddaughter of Linda Anderson, the amazing Okanagan Nation Artist.

Pots of coloured sand hold the magic to come.

The skill and focus to create this Mandala was an education for me as I have never seen this done. I thought it was done by hand pinching the sand into place.

These are their tools called Chakpur. The funnel shaped Chakpur scoops up the sand then the monks use the stick shaped Chakpur to vibrate the funnel. They rub the stick against the ridges of the funnel. The faster they rub the faster the sand comes out. Very controllable. I was amazed to try this.

There is a table in the gallery to try Sand Painting yourself. Artist and Wild Woman Diane Gane as her spirit animal an Owl, thought the process was a hoot!

Please visit the Penticton Art Gallery to experience the quiet amazement of the Mandala of Akshobhya! On till the 17th, closing ceremonies Sunday 4 – 5pm.

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