Back to School!

It is with great pleasure I introduce’s Cub Reporter Kiera.
Kiera is 15 and will be reporting on activities at SOSS and the community. She will show us Oliver through the eyes of a young person. I look forward to her stories. Here is her first.
The school doors burst open, and the students race in, some with expressions of happiness others  feelings of fear.

Some students walked around glad as this is their last year and others excited and worried because it is  their first year in high school.

Then there are the middle people who are swearing to themselves that they are going to change their style in this year completely.

And of course, there are the ones who are panicking and running to the counsellor’s room unsure if they have been deleted from the system . . . again or if they have classes they didn’t sign up for at all.

But in the end, everyone is excited to see old and new friends once again.

Story and photos by Kiera


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3 Responses to Back to School!

  1. norberto rodriguez says:

    Great idea, Leza ! It will be very interesting to read, and see, the youth’s point of view. I hope Keira covers different angles in her stories. I know, you prefer to focus in the “lighter side of life”, but the youth have dreams and hopes for their future, and at the same time they also have worries and concerns about it. About that “other side” of reality we (adults) choose to hide, or pretend is not there. Maybe we can learn by listening to them. Maybe this will benefit everyone.



  2. carolyn bowering says:

    great fun photos, interesting writing style. I’ll stay tuned, carolyn


  3. Tracy MacFadden says:

    Love being able to hear the voice of a young person – teenagers are some of the most interesting and thoughtful people I know, and too often we don’t get to hear their voices. Great idea! Looking forward to more wonderful items on Oliveronline


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