Somethings Old

On my vacation I have found lots of dusty old things, that remind me to slow down and enjoy the view. Let’s take a ride through memory lane. This beautiful model, one of the first horse less cars would be great fun up at Area 27,  top speed 5 miles an hour?

Not sure if this is a replica of a real bike or not. It is beautifully made.

Flying high in the sky. Love all this old stuff!

This photo was taken in Vernon BC. Around 1915. Love her dress.

And before digital cameras, we had this. What is it?

Racing up in time, I found this photo from the class of ’83. Any familiar faces?

It’s about time, spending it well, enjoying friends, sometime you are lucky enough to be related to them. Make it a good one . . . just for fun and the memories!

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1 Response to Somethings Old

  1. arjaybe says:

    I thought the hair didn’t match the date. The graduates of 1938?



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