Work! Lots and Lots of Work!

And just how do the veggies get from the fields to your markets?

Hard working people like Kevin, 38 and Odane, 24 below, come to Oliver from Jamaica to work the fields. They stay outside till about two. When it is too hot they hit the packing house.

When not in Oliver working our fields Kevin grows yams, plantain and bananas in Jamaica. Odane farms and works as a security guard. What country do they like best? Jamaica they both smile.

Their boss Gary has been farming here for over 20 years. He invited me to visit the packing house after two in the afternoon.

I found Kevin working with Tanesha packing cherries. The first thing I notice was how cold it is in the packing house. No wonder Tanesha is styling in that hat in the middle of a hot summer day.

Jorge and Lucio are both from Mexico. Jorge has come up here for four years to work.

We thank all of you for coming up to Oliver and working the fields, cause with out you the food would just rot and not get to market.

Cherries all packaged to go overseas.

Taran, 12 is the son of Gary and Nimmi. He kindly gave me that beautiful bag of sweet cherries. Thank you! I asked him if farming was in his future. I got a big smile but no comment!




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2 Responses to Work! Lots and Lots of Work!

  1. norberto rodriguez says:

    So good to know the faces of the good people that brings all this produce to the stores… we just don’t realize how much we owe to them. A big thank you to all of them !


  2. Tracy MacFadden says:

    Thanks to you Leza for this wonderful story giving us all some insight into who some of these special people are!


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