Okanagan Gleaners

Volunteers Who Care to Share!




What happens to the food that is not pretty enough to make it to your markets?

Greg Masson, General Manager of the Okanagan Gleaners, says local farmers who want to see people eat instead of food being thrown away donate to the Gleaners. Last year they process 6.2 million servings of soup. That is a lot of full tummies!

The food is prepped by Volunteers. Today the majority of the 40 volunteers are from the Tapestry Church Youth Group, all are under 18. Jesse 15, says volunteering at the Gleaners gives her a chance to serve others and for Jesse, this grows a deeper relationship with God.

Shaka 3 ½ says I just do it cause I love my Mom! Eleni from Abbottsford loves the area around Oliver, they have done this twice. This is how she teaches Shaka to volunteer and not to waste food.

Shawn has volunteered for 6 years.

Daniel has been volunteering here for 6 years too. He says this is a good opportunity for kids to serve others.

The food gets chopped up then it is dried. In April they package it into soup servings and away it goes. All over the world from our little town of Oliver!

The Monroe family from Edmonton found out about the Gleaners through their travel agent. Kushinda on the left says her eyes were opened when she saw real poverty in Mexico. She gets joy in helping others and knows this will help people who don’t have enough to eat!

Ivory, on the right says it makes her feel good to help people! Mom Charlene likes this as a  great family outing, better than Minecraft agree the girls.

Even the food that gets thrown out is mashed down to compost. No wastefulness here.

What I liked the most was the singing in the background as the kids and different families prepped the veggies.

However Greg said it best “Everyone needs to come to the Gleaners and feed someone they will never meet!”.

How do you find the Gleaners? Find the highway sign at road 3, a little something MLA Linda Larson help them get, turn west, follow the road to the end and there it is.

And you too can be a Volunteer Who Cares to Share!

Thank you to the Okanagan Gleaners!

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  1. norberto rodriguez says:

    Such an interesting, positive story about good people doing good things ! We need more like this…


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