Good Morning Sunday

Welcome to another day in Paradise! Pink skies, just practice for living on Mars.

Detail Wild Woman on easel right now!

As I enjoy and build this site, someone said he did not like me calling it a Gossip Column. Thought it was a negative. What is your opinion?

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4 Responses to Good Morning Sunday

  1. norberto rodriguez says:

    hi Leza, to me, gossips (chisme in Spanish) are things that are not necessarily true, things that may be irrelevant, things you tell about other people, rumors. Not necessarily negatives, but they can be offensive in many instances. Gossips also can be seen as Fake News, I guess…

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  2. LInda Sheehy-Brownstein says:

    I agree – don’t like gossip – usually malicious – never good. Grape vine? Daily Grind? Life? Spin?
    A good name is hard to come up with.

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  3. Tammy says:

    Agreed … not to keen on “gossip” column. Love the suggestion of “oliver’s grape vine “

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  4. Val Annen says:

    I agree re: good nanes are hard to come by.- maybe have a name contest and see what pops up?

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