Quinta Ferreira Estate Winery

Knows how to throw a party for their 10 Year Anniversary.

The whole valley showed up to say congratulations to Maria and John Ferreira, owners of Quita Ferreira the only Winery in the city limits of Oliver. Lots of delicious  Paella prepared by Chef Jeff Van Geest. Rumour has it he even took some time, and they were busy, to make a special Paella without seafood for one of the guest – nice!

Everyone who was anyone was there! The wee Finnley just 3 weeks old in a styling little pair of blue gloves, might have been a tiny bit bored as he hung out with Grandma Louise Osmond the distributor of Wine Check Luggage, and Mom the lovely Jessica Wong.

Party girl Teddie Trobec 102 or 104, she still lies about her age, is always the first at a party and the last to leave. A serious hockey buff, we have something in common, mention the Canadians number 4 and we both giggle! Now who would that be? Teddies advice to us – Move your feet! So I got up and shook my booty to the tunes of Rebel Luv.

Mikie and Ken have been singing all weekend. Ken is assisting his bride with a little throat medicine.

Just a few of the guest Margarete and Horst. Love the Jackie O glasses Margarete and Horst looks styling in that little Hawaiian number.

EZRock Osoyoos’s Brock Jackson with his wife the beautiful Geraldine in that fabulous coral dress were enjoying the afternoon and music with friends Debbie and Tom from Osoyoos.

And here is the shot that makes my day! Teddie one hundred and something . .  with the wee Finnley 3 weeks. Next time they go to the same party they should call each other to make sure they don’t show up in the same colours. Precious!

Gossip! Found Ken and Maria snuggling!

Where is Mikie and John I ask myself, oh dear they are snuggling behind the bar . . I see nothing!

The beautiful and very talented Carmen Tomé is the resident artist at Quinta Ferriera. Her latest painting “Surfs Up” was done a bit differently. When enjoying the wines and atmosphere ask Carmen about the painting.

Such a lovely afternoon with the Dressmaker Dianne and Moya. We were minding our own business as only a gossip columnist can when Betty Lou and the chain gang show up!

The next thing we know a lovely Police officer with a big gun is on site looking for someone. Of course the culprit is at our table dressed in a lovely striped dress, perfect attire for the big house!

Turns out Trudy parked just a little too far onto the road. She can’t have her passengers getting out of the car and stabbing a rattler with a stiletto, a girl has got to be considerate.

We thank the Officer for not ticketing her. He just asked her to move her car into the rattlesnake zone!!

And just incase Trudy was going to run Uncle Larry Popoff and his nephew Dan Rywaczuk, real estate guy were ready to track her down with this drone. I love a good drone.

And by that time this gossip columnist had lost her voice and needed to go home, rest, enjoy a few teaspoons of Benylin and accessorize with a box of kleenex and a sleep mask!

Only in Oliver!



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