The Perfect Accessory

Scientist Steven Boyd knows the perfect accessory to wear when having a photo shoot – his dog, Bailey! Much more styling than a basic lab coat!

Madeline, Steve, Bailey, Marion and Duncan

One of Oliver’s most accomplished sons is home for a summer vacation.

SOSS grad, Professor Steven Boyd spends some of his time with astronauts down at NASA, I get to do just a little name dropping, testing the density of their bones before and after space missions.

His goal is to study the restorative time frame and health of the astronauts bone density after they return to earth. This research is valuable for us mere earthlings whose bones turn to swiss cheese as we age. The Professor’s research will have valuable info on how we can keep our bones strong and stay out of those scary hip replacement operating rooms.

Must gossip! A wee story about this accomplished young man 13 days before he was born.

His Mom Marion Boyd, Dad is the handsome Bill Boyd, was dancing up a storm New Year’s Eve, wearing, yes I can still remember the dress, an A-line sapphire blue sequined little number. My stars I thought he would pop out on the dance floor the way she was rockin’ and rollin’. I have other stories but I will save them for another time.

What Steve likes the best about his home town of Oliver, Mt Baldy and the simplicity. Like the Oliver Theatre, big screen, a great price and we all agree on this . . the popcorn!

Congratulations on your accomplishments Professor Boyd, you make Oliver proud!



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  1. Val Annen says:

    I like his lab coat……


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