Back Alley Concert Series at the Firehall Brewery

Good Morning Oliver!

As the Gossip columnist I need my beauty sleep after Partying very late last night with The Dressmaker Dianne Gibson and the amazing band Middle Coast! Which means I was in front of a book with my cup of tea by 11, way past my bed time!

What a night! MC for the night was Councillor Larry Schwartzenberger who was spotted cuddling up to his beautiful, soft spoken wife, Claire.

The feature Artist of the night was the amazing photog Ed Dukes. Ed knows the perfect accessory for his blue shirt with a hint of Hawaiian design –  his hand made four string electric Bass Guitar. This is the latest guitar he has built. The body and neck are made from “Sapele” a large native tree to Tropical Africa and the fingerboard is made from African Ebony. The inlays are Walnut. This is Ed’s favourite guitar to play. Simply Beautiful!

Middle Coast rocked the evening and had us all up on the dance floor, yuppers even me! Big thanks to Jim Rhuland, styling in a loose white shirt, who does all the behind the scenes work, and on the left York, Dale Cory’s son is in town for a little father son mischief.

Speaking of Father & Son mischief, here they are loving the music. Check out Dale’s for something a little more than just gossip!

Our Rebel Luv honeymooners where seen getting a little close on the dance floor. Mikie all in purple tonight, wears that purple hair like no one else can.

The Dressmaker Dianne Gibson and my haircutter, the fabulous watercolour artist Luba, who never complains when I take the sewing scissors to my hair, well . . their was that one time, were out on the dance floor just a shaken it! Luba was stunning in a little mini showing off those fabulous legs of hers.

Snackies were from Vagabond. Pilot Graeme Uhlemann and Navigator Vivian Fung, gave me a tour of the beautiful food truck. Rumour has it this is one of 8 built by two aircraft fabricators in Sydney BC. This vehicle has been converted from a trailer to a motor home and now to their mobile kitchen.

And as we know, go fast machines make my teeth sweat. Saw this pretty little Harley parked all by it self. NICE! One of the prettiest motorcycles I have seen.

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5 Responses to Back Alley Concert Series at the Fireside Brewery

  1. Tiffany Lynn says:

    I just adore your reports Leza, they are uplifting and fun to read, and showcase our beautiful town in a golden light. Thank you!


  2. Edwin Dukes says:

    Great report Leza Thank you!


  3. Larry Schwartzenberger says:

    Leza, It’s the Firehall Brewery not the Fireside Brewery, you must have been up late. Claire says thanks for the “soft spoken” comment, great picture.


  4. Edwin Dukes says:

    Oh! and I forgot to mention that the shirt is ‘Jamaica Jaxx’ Island style complete with square buttons. I believe I bought it for $5 in a thrift store in Morro Bay California!

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