Money Money Money, its the RipOff’s World

The stars were out Monday night at the Quails Nest on Airport Rd. as the RipOff Artist opened their week long creative session ripping off the Ten Dollar Purple Canadian bill.

The room was full with guest like Britta Park sporting the best smile. Dressmaker Dianne Gibson wore a beautiful lace dress with that great shaved hairstyle of hers. Fashionably late, our council members arrived after taking care of the towns biz before they were on site to support the Artists. The fabulously talented Oliver Arts Council president Penelope Johnson was on site taking photos and writing for Do take a peak at her story and for more info on the pre pieces and the Arts in Oliver.

MLA Linda Larsen and our own First lady Tara Hovanes were styling! Linda rocked a light print top over denim pencil skirt and Tara’s pill box hat and veil was just the perfect accessory to her Mom’s Broach on a white top she threw over a Painted Chair find. One of our fav places in Oliver.

Wild Woman Marion Trimble dressed down tonight in a modest length skirt as she was channeling Emily Carr in the Queen Charlottes. Marion raided Tara’s closet for her hat. However that major hat pin was her grandmothers.

Wild Woman Enid Baker wore a little crochet number representing the ladies from the “downstairs” of a 1867 proper manor home. Someone crocheted it, I put the ribbon in it. The pink is a nice contrast to the little bit of blue in Enid’s hair.

Another Wild Woman Terry Irvine looked fabulous in a felted Victorian bejewelled and wired hat she created for the occasion. Topping it off for a bit of mystery, her Granny’s veil.

JoAnn Turner was stunning in her copy of an 1867 hat. She built it on a wire frame and all the flowers and feathers were from the Dollar Store. The perfect accessory for her traditional dress made from her Mom’s fabric. Bling from either Mom’s or Aunty’s jewelbox.

Not to be left out the men of the RipOff’s were just as styling! Kurt Hutterli recycle his Toulous Le Trec hat for this challenge. Kirt upscaled this top hat with an Owl form Jack Shadbolt’s House of Owls. Looked smashing over his purple and Grey shirt.

In true celebration of 150 years of Canada, Russell Work styled the best hat. A little number in Red and White with just the right amount of maple leaves, spokes and elastic to show off his fabulous merino wool, yes wool in this heat, shirt direct form New Zealand!

Get down to the Quail’s Nest and check out these and more of the RipOff Artists. Enjoy the pre pieces and watch as each Artist’s money unfolds!



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1 Response to Money Money Money, its the RipOff’s World

  1. Marion Trimble says:

    Nice write up. Great blog. Fantastic to have you keeping our community up to date. Thanks Leza.


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